Project Profile: Sorcery Intro Movie

Posted on 23rd August 2010

The family over at BrightAI approached us with a nice little project for their client Steve Jackson, co-author of the popular Fighting Fantasy Sorcery book series. They’d been approached to produce an iPhone version of the book and decided to outsource the intro movie of the application to us. We happily obliged, as we are partial to a bit of video editing and design. The brief was for it to run in a similar vein to the Marvel Comics movie intro you see before feature films. Yet using artwork from the books to convey a darker, more medieval feel to it. We feel that we achieved this, and BAI, as well as Steve Jackson were delighted with the end product.

You can download the app from here and check out the movie in all it’s glory on your iPhone. If you dont have an iPhone (get one), otherwise just watch the movie below.

Features: Digital Video