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最新单机游戏斗地主:Vanessa Davis Griggs-希望之光

希望之光凡妮莎·戴维斯·格里格斯 -
希望之光 -
现在有空! -
5本中的5本 -

When Crystal 和 Sahara go to stay with their 75-year-old grandmother, Ma Ray, for the summer, they think that they're about to kick back 和 let loose. Unfortunately for them, Ma Ray doesn't roll like that. Every time they think that 他们比祖母领先一步,她总是比祖母领先两步。他们最终将了解随着年龄的增长 智慧。 Ma Ray所做的一切只是向他们表明,他们必须运用常识才能取得成功。这些女孩会接受祖母的建议,还是只是继续走自己的路?

希望之光是关于一个祖母试图向失控的孙女提供建议。每当女孩陷入困境时,马雷总是有解决方案。我喜欢这本书是根据常识编写的,因为如今的青少年认为他们已经掌握了一切,并且已经成长为可以自行选择的东西。在这本书中,您将阅读Ma Ray如何尝试建议Crystal和Sahara对事物保持积极的看法并停止冲动。由于马雷,我真的很喜欢读这本书。她是一个无稽之谈的祖母,她不是推翻,也不让孙子孙女在她身上拉任何东西。 Ray of Hope is 精彩的读物,它显示了当今的孩子们仍然如何需要一点古老的智慧。


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NEW REVIEW: T·R·奈恩 - Loyalty And The Bed You 谎言 In

T·R·奈恩 -
Loyalty And The Bed You 谎言 In -
现在有空! -
5本书中有3本书 -

Three friends, who have been through thick 和 thin, encounter different hurdles 和 learn the true definition of friendship in this novel. Diamond, Meko 和 Rae are not only best friends, but they are partners in crime. Loyalty 和 the Bed You “Lie” In takes you on a journey of drugs, relationship, murder, 和 jealousy. Will friendships be tested, or will the bond that these three girls have overcome all the obstacles they encountered.

戴蒙德(Diamond)是一位聪明,有魅力的小姐。戴蒙(Diamond)喜欢外出娱乐,但在金钱方面,她也非常精通业务。戴蒙德(Diamond)和她的三个朋友经营着一个小帝国,遍布各行各业,他们渴望获得所提供的药物和药丸。一天晚上,戴蒙德遇到T.O.时,她的生活将永远改变。 and is immediately swept her off her feet. They become a modern Bonnie 和 Clyde team. But the green-eyed monster is always lurking, leaving two options: a relationship stronger than ever, or seeing a person for who they really are,

奈恩’s novel tackles many issues 和 I enjoyed reading Loyalty 和 Bed you “Lie” In. The journey T.R. Nairn takes you on is exciting, suspenseful, 和 will have you reconsider people who you call your friends, including their motives 和 intentions. Keep up the good work, 和 I can’等待下一部小说。


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新单机游戏斗地主:J Leon Pridgen II-隐藏的秘密,隐藏的生活

隐藏的秘密,隐藏的生活J·莱昂·普里根二世 -
隐藏的秘密,隐藏的生活 -
2011年2月22日可用 -
5本中的5本 -

Rarely do you find a book that can span the spectrum from Urban Fiction to Romance. Mr. Pridgen carried his readers through a range of emotions as we watch "骨头" seek out his nemesis 和 plot an 在 tack of revenge, have love rekindled, 和 experience the joy of doing what’s表示左侧。

夸梅“Bones” Brown owned the streets of Charlotte, North Carolina. He 和 Perry Moore had a lucrative street pharmaceutical enterprise back in the day. But it came to a pause when 夸梅was sent to a detention center for a year. While 骨头 did his time, Perry decided to leave Charlotte 和 all his secrets behind. 什么’s unfortunate for Perry is that 骨头 was waiting on his return. Perry was the brains of their lucrative operation, and 骨头 was the face of the streets.

After months of waiting on his partner, 骨头 did what any street thug would do...he began anew 和 this time, his passion was not only fueled by his love of money but also by revenge 和 a deep hurt that the reader finds out about almost accidently.

J. Leon did an outstanding job of bridging the worlds of professionalism, street life 和 home life into one novel. I enjoyed meeting every character in this book, good, bad or just plain ole mean. Naturally, a story should take away the readers’ time 和 space limitations; 隐藏的秘密,隐藏的生活 absolutely afforded me the opportunity to travel inexpensively to Charlotte North Carolina 和 imagine what it feels like to allow revenge to ignite my emotions....which was a bit scary for this reader.

I’我对他的下一部小说感到非常兴奋“正义的色彩”这也将在Strebor Books下发布。


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新单机游戏斗地主:Shamara Ray-爱情食谱

爱情食谱(赞恩礼物)沙马拉(Shamara Ray) -
爱情食谱 -
现在有空! -
5本书中有3本书 -

什么 伤心欲绝的宝贝?杰德终于忍受了她的好,说谎,欺骗的男朋友。当他做出无礼的最终举动时,她将他踢到了路边。问题是..他无法完全解决它。

玉是美丽的,受过良好教育 woman who 与她最好的朋友布里亚(Bria)共同拥有一家名为Rituals的餐厅,布里亚恰好是她的前男友的妹妹。无论他做什么,布里亚都能迅速为她的兄弟辩护。因此,当Jade开始与该隐约会时,Bria远非支持者。再说一次,那也可能是因为该隐拥有一家与Rituals竞争的餐厅。

莎玛拉·雷(Shamara Ray)撰写的《爱的食谱》讲述了爱,谎言和背叛的故事。在整个故事中,提到了不同的烹饪菜肴,考虑到书名,这是一个很好的补充。作者甚至在小说的结尾处添加了许多有趣的食谱,我可以尝试一下。故事本身有点慢。 故事读了约200页,但随后又放慢了速度。我确实很喜欢Jade的另一个朋友Milan的故事情节,这只是故事的一小部分。我希望作者 扩展并更多地关注 故事的这一部分。万能食谱 对于爱是可以阅读的。


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NEW REVIEW: Shelia M.高斯 - 萨凡纳的诅咒

萨凡纳's CurseShelia M.高斯

当萨凡纳·布雷克(Savannah Blake)发现父亲被谋杀时,她拒绝让任何人阻止她找到罪魁祸首,特别是特洛伊·布里奇斯(Troy Bridges)。 Special operative turned private security owner Troy Bridges has a promise to keep 和 a score to settle. Troy is not sure what to expect when he sees 萨凡纳 again for the first time in 10 years, but nothing can prepare him for the rush of feelings he has once he does.

萨凡纳 和 her sisters, Montana 和 Asia, don't know who to trust. Troy is the only person that seems to know anything about Major's death, but 萨凡纳 is not sure she can trust him again, especially with her heart. When things start to get dangerous, Troy vows to do whatever it takes to help the Blake sisters find their father's killer 和 win back 萨凡纳's love in the process.

Death, deception, danger, 和 desire are all adjectives to describe this amazing romantic adventure. From the prologue to the last chapter, Shelia M.高斯 will have you guessing. When you think you've put the clues together 和 figured it out, she throws you another curve ball. Savannah's Curse is an excellently written story with a fantastic plot 和 great character development. Savannah's Curse 从头到尾都是翻页机!


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